Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grayson's 7th Birthday Party!

Aunt Em and Creux

Creux in his Big Boy Seat!

Menards Trip!

These two loved shopping at Menards

Creux and Parker Taylor at her 1st Birthday party


Don't touch my balloons kid!

Daddy and Creux in the Taylor kitchen.

Creux and Shawna, town-wide yard sale day!

Goodbye Florida! Daddy and Creux on the plane ride home. Creux fidgited the entire ride home. He slept the entire way there, so I guess we were due.

Grayson on the plane ride home.

Ready to go home?

Is this what I'm going to look like in 30 years?

Beach Buddies

First time in the ocean as a family, ok, the Gulf I guess.

Grandma Kima and Creux

Tired after a long day at the beach

Mommy at the Sushi restaurant. Cheap and wonderful!

Scrunchy Face

Mommy and Daddy by the Beach at dusk

More Florida Pics

Grayson and her shells.

Baby Boy

Grandma Janice keeping Creux warm after a long day swimming.

Uncle Gary and Creux